How Much Are Guitar Lessons

After getting your first guitar, the next question that is most likely going to cross your mind is “How much are guitar lessons.” Do not kid yourself into thinking that you are just going to play around with your new guitar and will miraculously become a pro. No, my friend, you need guitar lessons.

Before diving into how much it is going to cost you get a guitar lesson, the first thing you need to figure out is where you are going to get a guitar teacher.

How To Find A Guitar Teacher

You must get a good guitar teacher if you want to become a great guitarist yourself. Therefore you shouldn’t just settle for the first guitar teacher you find. Take your time to evaluate them before committing to take lessons from them.

Follow the steps below to find yourself a great guitar teacher:

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Ask Your Talented Friends

If you are a budding guitarist, there is a slight chance that you may have been inspired by a friend who also plays the guitar or a family member that is great on the guitar. This should be the first avenue you should explore when searching for guitar teachers.

Social Media Posts

Trust us, social media isn’t just somewhere you post photos and memes. You would be surprised that there are quite a lot of guitar teachers on Facebook alone.

Put up a call for a guitar teacher on your social media accounts and watch people show up on your profile to give you private guitar lessons.

Keep in mind that your guitar teacher doesn’t necessarily have to be a stiff-necked music teacher. Experienced guitar players can also be double as your guitar teacher. The important thing is that you learn from them during guitar lessons. Experienced guitarists also give you the edge of learning methods that are outside the box, which will make you a seasoned guitarist in no time.

Explore Your Local Guitar Store

Guitar stores are like a hub for finding guitar teachers. You can find all sorts of guitarists there, from bassists to classic guitarists, which gives you a variety to choose from. However, take your time before you ask someone in a guitar store to give you private guitar lessons; some of them might be amateurs. 

Online Guitar Lessons Websites

Perhaps you are not a fan of one on one lessons, or there aren’t any guitar teachers in your area. You can get guitar lessons from these platforms and at your own pace. 

Online Guitar Lessons Websites also give you the option of picking your skill level.

Before you select that person that you think is the perfect fit, here are some attributes that guitar teachers are expected to possess:

  • Guitar teachers are expected to have enough experience before they can impart that knowledge to you.
  • Your guitar teacher should specialize in the kind of music that you have an interest in. You don’t want a guitar that will try to teach you all the styles of music mentionable. That will make it hard for you to be well-grounded in the area you want to specialize in.
  • Guitar teachers are expected to be passionate about teaching craft as well as being flexible enough to experiment with new techniques to help you learn better.
  • Your guitar has to process great teaching abilities as this is very important during guitar lessons. The teaching ability of your guitar teacher is perhaps more important than his or her guitar skills.
  • You and your guitar teacher should have compatible personalities or else you might end up clashing a lot, learning nothing, and wasting your money.

Do not let the skills of a guitarist confuse you into thinking that they would make a great guitar teacher. Some guitarists possess amazing skills with the instrument but end up being pretty bad guitar teachers. 

This is why we recommend that you request for a trial guitar lesson as an interview, to make an informed decision on whether or not you can learn anything from future guitar lessons with these potential guitar teachers. 

So How Much Do These Guitar Lessons Cost?

To make sure you do not confuse one for another, we will break down how much guitar lessons cost based on the avenue through which they are taught.

Online Guitar Lessons Websites

This avenue of getting a guitar lesson allows you to learn at your pace so you don’t have to worry about being other pressure. Another plus is that you can take your guitar lessons from any location.

When it comes to online guitar lessons you don’t need to worry about paying per lesson if you are the kind of person that likes keeping to budgets. Here are some websites and how much it costs to take online guitar lessons on these platforms:

  • The Guitar Lesson

The Guitar Lesson lets you have a trial run for $1, after which you can subscribe for monthly lessons at $9. If you are looking to save money while taking these lessons then they have the 4-month option which goes for $27, therefore saving you $9. There is also a 9-month subscription which goes for $54, saving you $27 on online guitar lessons.

You also get guitar theory and 10 free online guitar lessons from the website:

  • Guitar Tricks

Like most online guitar lessons websites, Guitar Tricks makes use of video-based tutorials to dish out guitar lessons. Guitar Tricks offers 24 free lessons on its platform, however, to get more content you need to subscribe to the website.

Guitar tricks charge $14.95 monthly fees for you to access its vast library of guitar lessons. If you would rather pay once a year to save money, it costs $129 per annum, saving you $50 on online guitar lessons. How is that for a great bargain?

Start your video lessons on Guitar Tricks:

  • Fender Play

Who are the best set of people to give you guitar lessons, if not one of the most foremost companies in the guitar making industry? Not only do they have a massive, ever-growing library of video lessons at their disposal but this online guitar lessons platform also has a reasonable price range. 

The monthly subscription on Fender Play goes for $9.99 per month and $89.99 per annum, saving you about $30 in subscription fees for online guitar lessons.

If you are ready to begin your guitar lesson, Fender play is offering 3 months of free guitar lesson and you can sign up here:

  • True Fire

True fire is another reputable online guitar lesson website that you should try out. They offer a 30-day all-access trial to help you decide on whether or not the platform works for you. 

To continue to enjoy guitar lessons on this platform, it is going to cost you $29 per month or $249 per year, saving you $99 on guitar lessons. This subscription gives you access to over 40,000 guitar lessons, which without a doubt will guide you towards being a master guitarist. New video lessons are updated weekly.

To begin your guitar lesson on True Fire, you can sign up here:

Private Guitar Lessons

Private Guitar Lessons are another ball game altogether. They involve you having a face to face guitar lesson with your guitar teachers and are usually billed on a per lesson basis. Also, private guitar lessons cost more than online guitar lessons by very wide margins. 

On average, private guitar lessons cost about $30 – $35 per lesson for a 30minute lesson. The price per lesson can be more than this depending on the experience level of your guitar teacher. Also, If your guitar teacher is giving you guitar lessons via video calls then the guitar lessons cost might be significantly lower than face to face guitar lessons.

Keep in mind that as you advance as a guitar player, you might find out that you will need to have longer durations for your guitar lessons and the guitar lessons cost will most likely double.

If you can’t afford any of these options then we are happy to recommend this loophole….


This video streaming platform isn’t just useful for watching comedy skits and passive entertainment. You can learn almost anything on YouTube and this does not exclude learning how to learn to play the guitar. Yes, you heard us right. You can get guitar lessons on YouTube for free and at your convenience. 

However, there is a caveat for this, not every instructor is credible enough to be regarded as a guitar instructor which is why we have decided to put together a list of reputable YouTube channels where you can get solid guitar lessons. Here they are:

Why does a website that charges subscription fees for guitar lessons have a free Youtube channel? Read the channel name again, has no affiliation with “The Guitar Lesson”. 

Regardless of this, you are guaranteed to get amazing from Nick Savage who is the instructor on this youtube channel. Nick will walk you playing the guitar in a way that you most likely will be comfortable with. Watch our favorite video of them here:

Justin Guitar

Hosted by Justin Sandercoe, the Justin Guitar channel is another great place to get guitar lessons on Youtube. Justin is an awesome instructor that will have you enjoying every guitar lesson, with his calm, enthusiastic energy. He is also quite patient while instructing his guitar lessons, regardless of whether it is a beginner tutorial or for a more advanced audience.

Every video is carefully constructed and relevant to what you want to learn. So have no fear of wasting your time watching a video, only to find it useless.

Watch our favorite video of them here:

Guitar Jamz

This channel is run by Martin Schwartz and is get stop for guitar lessons. Guitar Jamz offers you a blend of learns. From the rudiments of playing the guitar to tutorials on how to play certain songs. Sometimes the channel features guest artistes to make things interesting while explaining several techniques that they make use of while playing the guitar. So you can never tell, you might just find your favorite guitarist giving you a guitar lesson on the channel. Who said the best things in life aren’t free?

Watch our favorite video of them here:


There are a ton of options that you can choose from when looking for guitar lessons, regardless of what your budget is, even if it is zero dollars. You just have to pick which one works for you.

However, when making use of YOUTUBE for guitar lessons, ensure that you are learning from a guitarist that is worth his salt, so you don’t end up picking up bad playing habits or learn substandard approaches to playing the guitar.

With these being said, go into the world and rock on.